EXAMS - A Poem

'Tis the words that sets our 
Hands shaking ,heads spinning,
Souls trembling and lips praying

With sums of all kind,
And formula that remind,
Of the worst that's coming,
And the quest for top scoring.

Theory that's boring,
Activities that get you snoring, 
All the confusion in your head,
All the tempting thought of rolling, 
In the soft comfy bed.

Study hard without without a pause,
Delete the entertainment and enjoyment clause.
This is what everyone ramming in our head.
Oh boy! That's exactly what we dread.

So for all those sleepless nights
For the student's rights,
For the teachers plights,
And the mark sheet that gives, 
A long lasting fright.
For all the student races, 
And the hopeless helpless pitiful, 
Eradicate for humanity's brains,
Hard disks and RAM.
The super contagious fever named,

Dibin M, XI A
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